Our dedicated staff led by our Stud Groom, Marco Palazzo are available 24 hours a day to ensure that your mares (and their foals) are looked after to the best of our ability. All staff working with the horses live on site and are therefore available in the case of an emergency.

Mares and their foals are kept in small yards to minimise the risk of infection in the case of an outbreak and in small groups in the paddock so that foals have other foals to play and graze with without the intimidation of a large group.

To assist our staff with looking after your horses we are assisted by additional professionals from within the thoroughbred industry including Fred Barrelet, (Drmedvet (Berne), MRCVS) who attends the stud daily during the stud season; Simon Curtis FCWF, Hon Assoc RVCS (farrier) who comes to the stud regularly to complete routine work on mares and monitor the progress on foals and yearlings and Polly Bonnor (Saracen Horse Feeds) who regularly attends the stud to monitor progress of foals, yearlings and mares.